Winner! 2021 Colorado Food Manufacturer of the Year!

Winner! 2021 Colorado Food Manufacturer of the Year!

How It Works

We help you create, bottle and automate delicious flavors. Whether this a new product line or expanding product empire, we've got you covered.


Consultation Call

After receiving your "Get Started" form, one of our team members will be in touch to schedule a consultation call about your recipe needs.


We understand that every recipe is unique. The formulate stage is where your requirements are articulated as our team of food scientists begin the research and ingredient sourcing process. During this phase we'll also share ballpark pricing for your test batch. 

Test Batch

In our test kitchen, we'll formulate or recreate your sampled recipe. Your new flavor samples can be shipped to you or created on-site with you or your team in attendance. We'll work to dial in your recipe, to ensure that you'll leave confident with an approved flavor profile. Upon approval, we'll also provide nutritional panels and process authority letters.


In our state-of-the art facility, we have two high-speed lines with flexible operational capacities for bottle types and shapes. 


Upon completion, we'll facilitate the shipping of your neatly packaged product directly to you or your fulfillment center.


As you expand your ideas, we're here to help. Open and enjoy!

Simply The Best

At Motherlode Co-Packing, what separates us from other food manufacturers is our team. With 75+ combined years of experience in the food manufacturing industry, we're innovative not just in how we do business with our customers, but also how we strive to deliver the highest quality product in a timely manner. We see every customer as a partner, and we take that to heart. Every operator on our production line is a Quality Control Technician, trained to make the customer's expectation a reality, no shortcuts.
 "Supply chain challenges" have been the crippling mantra for many companies the past couple of years, yet we're always ready to jump in and help our customers find solutions to those challenges both through our expertise and our vendor contacts. We know that supply gaps cripple food companies, and we work hard to maintain a continuous supply to our customer base.
Our production facility in Hudson, Colorado truly is state-of-the-art, and we are proud of it. We designed and built a facility that is lean and efficient and has everything we need to deliver our customer's orders, small or large. Our production room is designed around key pieces of equipment - our filling machines and labeling machines - that were custom built in order to provide the same product to our customers, thousands of bottles at a time.
Why work with our team? We strive for excellence, and we deliver.


Josh PopejoyPlant Manager

From Packer to Partner

For established brands with significant potential for sales growth, Motherlode is uniquely positioned to partner with you to help you take their next big leap in profit and production. With access to our internal expertise as well as our well-connected investment community, we're poised to grow with you.

We help partnered brands in the following ways:


    Connect your brand with our global network of investors and business strategists to secure your brand's continued financial growth.

  • mover


    Leverage our extensive industry rolodex of product vendors to support your brand’s growth and navigate supply chain challenges. 


    Access to our cost savings expertise through our network of LTL and TL carriers, as well as pre-vetted 3rd party logistics suppliers.  

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    Improve the production efficiency and cost of goods, as well as enhance the product quality with strategic formulation decisions.  

Got Further Questions?

Read our FAQ to see if we're a good fit for your brand's goals.